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JoyceDada! Ein Echoraum

Kaufleuten Zürich, 28. Februar, 20.00

Ulysses galt lange als notorisch obszön und als ebenso notorisch schwierig. Letzteres zum Teil bis heute.

Doch wie steht es mit seinem Ruf als der witzigste, humorvollste Roman der Moderne? An diesem Abend haben Sie Gelegenheit, mit und über Ulysses ausgiebig zu lachen.

Als Joyce während des 1. Weltkriegs in Zürich am Ulysses schrieb, machten hier die Dadaist:innen Furore, die das Cabaret Voltaire bespielten und die Zürcher Bourgeoisie aufschreckten.

Natürlich wusste man voneinander. Joyce war zwar kein Dadaist,  war nie Anhänger von -Ismen. Er hielt sich davon fern, indem er gleich alle umfasste – und so blieben auch die Wort­revoluzzer von der Spiegel­gasse nicht ohne Wirkung auf Ulysses: in Joyces fröhlicher Vielfalt hat Dada ein deutliches Echo. Die eine Seite seines Humors hat eine Zürcher Note.

Anlässlich des 100. Geburtstags des Ulysses 2022 soll dieses Zürcher “Literatur­treffen”, das so nie stattfand, in einer Leseperformance gefeiert werden.

In diesem Lesemosaik prallt Joyce auf Dada-Texte, es zeigen sich verblüffende und witzige Ver­wandt­­schaften und auch falsche Freunde. Umrundet wird die Lesung von Sounds aus objets trouvés von Pet­flasche bis Pappkar­ton, die der fabelhafte Balts Nill ihnen entlockt.

Ulysses von 100 Seiten

Genau 100 Jahre nach seiner Ersterscheinung am 2.2.1922 wird im Strauhof zu diesem Klassiker eine Ausstellung eröffnet. In Zusammenarbeit mit Ursula Zeller und Ruth Frehner, den Kuratorinnen der Zürcher James Joyce Stiftung, werden Entstehung und Rezeption, Inhalt und Form von «Ulysses» in 100 Exponaten inszeniert.

A City Odyssey

Marathon Reading: A City Odyssey
Saturday, 5 February 2022



Chapter 4: CALYPSO (E)

James Joyce Stiftung, Augustinergasse 9

It is 8 am. While preparing breakfast, Leopold Bloom, a Jewish advertising canvasser, decides to buy a pork kidney from the butcherHe brings his wife Molly her mail and  breakfast in bed. One letter is from Blazes Boylan, a concert promoter (with whom she will have an affair). Bloom receives a letter from their daughter Milly in Mullingar.

Chapter 1: Telemachus (D)

Grossmünster Turm, Duration: 20 minutes

It is 8 am and Stephen Dedalus, an aloof aspiring writer, is staying in a historical tower with Malachi “Buck” Mulligan, a medical studentHe is peeved with Mulligan because of a comment about his recently deceased mother and because the English visitor Haines woke him in the night raving about a black pantherStephen feels guilty that he did not pray when his mother died. They eat breakfast and walk to a swimming hole where Mulligan takes the key to the tower.

Chapter 5: Lotus Eaters (D)

Sauna Christian Drescher, Badeanlage Utoquai

Bloom, who is tormented by the thought of Boylan and Molly’s assignation in the afternoon, picks up a letter from a secret correspondent, Martha Clifford, from the post office. He entera Catholic church and muses on religion. After buying a bar of lemon soap, he bumps into Bantam Lyons, who wants to find out about a horse race, but does not seem to listen. Then Bloom goes to an oriental bath.

Chapter 6: HADES (E)

Abdankungshalle Friedhof Fluntern & James Joyce’s grave

Bloom and a few others attend a funeral for Patrick Dignam. In the funeral carriage, they pass Stephen and later Boylan and discuss death while Bloom thinks of his dead infant son Rudy and his father’s suicide.

Chapter 7: AEOLUS (D)

Druckerei Hürlimann, Lieferanteneingang im Innenhof Haus “Zur blauen Schnecke”, Oberdorfstrasse 24/26

At a newspaper office, Bloom tries to place an ad for a client, and Stephen arrives with a letter for the editor about foot and mouth disease. Bloom and Stephen do not meet yet.


Restaurant Weisser Wind, Theatersaal, Oberdorfstrasse 20

While Bloom contemplates lunch, he bumps into an old flame and hears about Mina Purefoy’s difficult labor. He enters a restaurant but is disgusted by the patrons so he goes to Davy Byrne’s pub for a gorgonzola sandwich and glass of burgundy. He reminisces about his life with Molly and then ponders whether statues of Greek goddesses have anuses. To find out, he heads to the National Museum but he sees Boylan on the street.


Landesmuseum, Bibliothek

Stephen is in the National Library pontificating about Shakespeare to a group of librarians. He argues that Hamlet is about the supposed adultery of the Bard’s wife. Bloom enters the library, passing between Stephen and Mulligan as they exit. (242)


Ulysses – Mirage Tram, Departure at 15:00 from Central

Rundfahrt: Central – HB Bahnhofstrasse – Paradeplatz – Bleicherweg – Enge – Rentenanstalt – Bürkliplatz – Bellevue – Limmatquai – Central …..

The chapter focuses on the city with various denizens moving about the streets of Dublin, starting with Father Conmee, a Jesuit priest, and ending with the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland’s cavalcade. 

Chapter 11: SIRENS (E)

Rest. Kronenhalle, Kronenhalle Galerie, 1. Stock, Rämistrasse 

Bloom has a meal at the Ormond hotel while Boylan is on the way to Bloom’s house. Bloom listens to the singing of an opera aria and an Irish ballad. He watches the seductive barmaids as he composes his reply to Martha Clifford.

Chapter 12: CYCLOPS (E)

James-Joyce Pub, Pelikanstrasse 8

An unnamed narrator at Barney Kiernan’s pub meets a “the Citizen”, a cantankerous Irish nationalist. Bloom is harangued by him but defends himself, aggravating the Citizen more. This culminates in the Citizen throwing a biscuit tin at Bloom, who narrowly escapes.

Chapter 13: NAUSICAA (E/D) 

MS Etzel, Schiffssteg Bürkliplatz

Three young women taking care of children on Sandymount Strand attract Bloom’s attention. One of them, the romantic Gerty MacDowell, sits on the rocks contemplating love and marriage as darkness falls. She teases Bloom by revealing her legs and underwear. Aroused, Bloom masturbates to the fireworks of a nearby bazaar. When she leaves, Bloom notices that she has a lame leg. Bloom then meditates on his long day.

Chapter 14: OXEN OF THE SUN (D)

Literaturhaus/ Museumsgesellschaft, Limmatquai 62

The chapter, which imitates the evolution of the English language, takes place at the maternity hospital, where Mina Purefoy is in prolonged labour. When Bloom visits, he meets a group of medical students including drunken Stephen. While a boy is born off stage, there are extended conversations in literary parodies. The group hasten to a pub for the last drink.

Chapter 15: CIRCE (E)

Restaurant Weisser Wind, Theatersaal, Oberdorfstrasse 20, Duration: 90 minutes

Stephen and Lynch stumble into Bella Cohen’s brothel in the red-light district with Bloom following behind. Reality and fantasy blur in the brothel area. Bloom takes charge when Stephen smashes the chandelier and flees. Then Bloom tries to intervene when Stephen gets in an argument with a soldier who knocks him out. When the police arrive, Bloom takes care of Stephen. 

Readers: Ray Bär, Claudia Bodmer, Michel Bodmer, Lorraine Kaelin, Pepper Lebeck-Jobe, Jian Li, Michael Rutman, Claudia Wicki, Markus Wyler

Chapter 16: EUMAEUS (E)

Clublokal Kanu-Club Zürich, Schipfe 33

Bloom leads drunken Stephen to a cabman’s shelter where they meet a drunken sailor named Murphy who tells adventurous tall tales. 

Chapter 17: ITHACA (D)

Museum Strauhof, 1. Stock, Augustinergasse 9, Lesungsdauer: 45 Minuten

Bloom brings Stephen home for a cup of cocoa, where they talk, mainly at cross purposes. Bloom offers Stephen a place to sleep for the night but Stephen refuses. They urinate in the yard and Stephen departs into the night. When Bloom goes to bed, Molly asks him about his day before he falls asleep.

Chapter 18: PENELOPE (D)

James Joyce Stiftung, Augustinergasse 9

In bed with Bloom, Molly thinks about Boylan, Bloom, past admirers, her childhood in Gibraltar and her singing career. She ends on the memory of Bloom’s marriage proposal to her on Howth and her reply: yes.