ZÜRICH James Joyce Foundation

Code of Conduct​

Code of Conduct​

The Zurich James Joyce Foundation is committed to maintaining a productive and collegial working environment free of discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, or national origin.

Protection against Sexual Harassment

The Foundation wishes to ensure the protection of its members and associates against sexual harassment. The following guidelines are based on the fundamental assumption that staff, researchers, and students should treat each other with respect. This does not mean that interpersonal relations must be impersonal, distant and formal. On the contrary, friendly and relaxed personal interaction, including between women and men, is a normal part of everyday life at the Foundation. Nevertheless, sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

What is sexual harassment?

Any behavior which injures or demeans a person on account of that person’s gender, and which the targeted person finds uncomfortable.

What is permitted and what not?

Friendly compliments, shared coffee breaks and meals, humorous conversations and banter do not pose a problem. On the other hand, inappropriate behavior includes unwelcome physical contact, intrusive gestures, salacious remarks and offensive jokes about a person’s appearance or physical characteristics. Showing potentially offensive images or behaving in other ways that convey or create an oppressive work environment is also unacceptable. The same naturally applies to all unlawful sexual acts.

What can affected parties do?

Affected parties might, as a first step, try to rebuff the harassment. If this fails or is not possible, the Foundation has designated the following person, a former trustee of the Foundation, who may be contacted for initial confidential advice and support: Mirjam Beerli (mirjam.beerli@bluewin.ch).