The Jahnke Bequest can now (as of Bloomsday 2014) be viewed online.

Hans E. Jahnke Bequest at the Zurich James Joyce Foundation online at the National Library of Ireland

Fritz Senn and the Zurich James Joyce Foundation

Fritz Senn talks with Hans Fischer about Joyce in Zurich
Fritz Senn explains a short passage from “Ulysses”
Kulturpreis 2009 
RTE Introduction to Ulysses (2004): Fritz Senn, Joseph O’Connor, Edna O’Brien and Gerry O’Flaherty recall the events and characters of this day and explore why James Joyce’s fictionalised events of an ordinary day should become such a literary masterpiece.

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RTÉ Players’ 1982 production of James Joyce’s Ulysses (29hrs and 45 mins)


Aldo Bachmayer
Milton Hebald
Verena Schindler

Zurich Local Links

The Swiss Centre of Irish Studies @ the Zurich James Joyce Foundation
Thomas Mann Archive
Übersetzerhaus Looren
Zug Translators’ Grant

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