Joyce Scholarship and Looren Residency 2019

This scholarship is offered by the Friends of the Zurich James Joyce Foundation and Translation House Looren.

Applications are invited from translators with an ongoing translation project of a work by James Joyce that they will continue working on while in Switzerland. The scholarship does not support completed translation awaiting publication.

Deadline for applications: 31 October 2018


The Friends of the Zurich James Joyce Foundation Scholarships

The Friends of the Zurich James Joyce Foundation invites young scholars, particularly students engaged in a specific project, to spend one or two months at the Foundation, making full use of the library facilities and archives as well as exchanging ideas with residents and visiting experts. The scholarships are intended for researchers with a well-advanced project. They are based on merit, and are awarded without regard to gender or national origin. A stipend of CHF 1,500 per month is awarded for lodging and other expenses. If you are interested in a scholarship, please send a short application by October 31 of the year preceding your proposed period of residence. The application should include a 400-800 word outline of your project addressed to the Friends of the Zurich James Joyce Foundation, Augustinergasse 9, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland (email and

Scholars include

Iva Dimovska (Macedonia/Hungary)

Joshua Torabi (UK)
Flavie Epié (France)
He Huang (China)
Yaeli Greenblatt (Israel)

Rares Moldovan (Romania)
Alexander Ryan (UK)
Giovanna Vincenti   (Italy)
Ashraf Noor (UK)
Shinjini Chattopadhyay (India/USA)
Sara Spanghero (Germany/Italy)

Genevieve Sartor (Canada)
Barry Spence (USA)
Pablo Ingberg (Argentina)

Talia Abu (Israel)
Sameera Siddique (Singapore/ Germany)
Halila Bayramova (Azerbaijan)
Nina Krajnik (Slovenia)
Marco Camerani (Italy)

Tamar Gelashvili (Georgia)
Izumi Iwashita (Japan)
Mina Duric (Serbia)
Victoria Lévêque (France)
Dominik Wallerius (Germany)
Tamara Radak (Austria)

Vaclav Paris (Czech Republic/UK/USA)
Philipp Keel Geheber (Ireland/USA)
Veronika Kovacs (Hungary)

Stephanie Boland (UK)
Rie Shimokawa (Japan)
Chrissie van Mierlo (UK)
Camilla Mount (UK)

Elizabeth Bonapfel (Germany/USA)
Rebekah Frumkin (USA)
Yvonne Yi-Ping Lai (Belfast/Taiwan)
Rita Sakr (Lebanon)

Norah Maki (USA)
Matthew Hayward (UK)
Davjola Ndoja (Albania)
Andreas Weigel (Austria)

Annalisa Volpone (Italy)
Thomas Gurke (Germany)
Alison Lacivita (USA)
Eleni Loukopoulu (Greece)
John Bishop (USA)
Hsin-yu Hung (Taiwan/England)
Vike Plock (Germany/UK)

Nicholas Morris (Dublin/ USA)
Liam Lanigan (Ireland)
Yi-Ling Yang (Taiwan)
Hayat Erdogan (Germany)
Michelle Witen (Canada /UK)
Christopher Whalen (UK)

Elena Voj (Romania)
Erika Mihàlycsa (Romania)
Cinzia Valenti (Italy)
David Vichnar (Czech Repubic)
Scarlett Baron (UK)
Amanda Sigler (USA)
Ronan Crowley (Ireland)
Arkadiusz Luba (Poland)
Philipp Roessler (Germany)

Michiyo Goda (Japan)
Hsiu-Yuan Chen (Taiwan/Holland)
Ivana Milivojevic (Serbia/Ireland)

Natasha Tarpley (USA)
Katie Brown (USA/Ireland)
Vike Plock (Germany/UK)
Andres Pérez Simon (Spain)
Véronique Scheyvaerts (Belgium)

Anna Maria Kager (Holland)
Diana Stefanova (Bulgaria)
Asaph Talmi (Israel)
Serenella Zanotti (Italy)
Irena Grubica (Croatia)

Beata Golenska (Poland)
Keri Ames (USA)
Ilonka Persic (Croatia)
Olenka Fomenko (Ukraine)

Jared Greene (USA)
Zsuzsa Csikai (Hungary)

Olga Vicente (Spain)
Anna Hult (Sweden)
Catrin Siedenbiedel (Germany)
Ilaria Natali (Italy)

Arleen Ionescu (Romania)
Conor Wyer (Ireland)
Marianna Gula (Hungary)
Susana Tosca (Spain)


City of Zurich Scholarships

Funds supplied by the City of Zurich enabled the Foundation to offer six-month scholarships from 1988-1999. Foundation scholars included:

Susan Bazargan (Iran/USA) 1999
Mia Lerm-Hayes (Germany) 1996
Christy Burns (USA) 1993
Dan Schiff (USA) 1993
Andrew Treip (England) 1991
Chitra Panikkar (India) 1990
Lynn Childress (USA) 1989
Marlena Corcoran (USA) 1988

Other Scholarships

Naturally your own home university or some local institution (like Erasmus) may have research grants and may be able to send you to our Foundation for a few weeks or months.