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University Seminars

Fritz Senn, the Director of the Zurich Joyce Foundation, regularly conducts colloquia and seminars on Joyce for the English Seminar, University of Zurich as part of the university curriculum. During the Spring Semester 2022, the Ulysses course takes place on Wednesdays from 8:00 to 9:45 at the Joyce Foundation.

Upcoming Workshop

August 2022



Space is limited to twenty participants. If you are willing to take part and agree to follow the guidelines, please contact the organizers, and include the unique (non)word “onthergarmenteries” (as in FW 181.29) in your subject line for mails to reach their goal. We charge a fee of Swiss Fr. 200, which covers the social gatherings for the week as well as Foundation expenses. One of the highlights includes a boat trip on Lake Zürich and dinner in Hurden. We will assemble on Sunday, July 31,  and officially disperse on Saturday afternoon, August 7, 2022. You are free to arrive earlier or leave later so as to make extended use of the Foundation’s comprehensive resources. Please look for accommodation in good time.

Zurich Annual International Workshops

Every year since it was established, the Foundation has held an annual workshop, a gathering of diverse experts and scholars as well as promising newcomers. The aim is to focus on a Joycean topic offering a wide range of interest and to approach it from various angles. Emphasis is on interaction and discussion, thus making the Zurich occasion different from the large conferences based on serial monologue performances. Lengthy lecturing from typescripts is discouraged, ample time is given to develop a theme. The workshop usually takes place around the beginning of August, during the academic vacations. American scholars should be able to attend before they return to their academic chores towards the end of the month. Particular sections of Joyce’s works have been chosen (Dubliners, “Oxen of the Sun”, “Eumaeus”, “Cyclops” or I,6 of Finnegans Wake), but generally the topic is something which works across individual works, preferably aspects that have not received much attention before. Suggestions for workshop topics are welcome, topics that lend themselves to diverse approaches and can attract diverse talent.

August Workshops

<top> August 2019: Zerothruster

This workshop focussed entirely on FW II.2, the “Lessons Chapter.” The emphasis was on manuscript research, the chapter’s genetic development and design. Participants included Talia Abu (Israel), Halila Bayramova (Azerbaijan), Erik Bindervoet (Holland), Bill Brockman (USA), Shinjini Chattopadhyay (India), Tim Conley (Canada), Ann Marie D’Arcy (Ireland), Tiana Fischer (Germany/Ireland), Finn Fordham (UK), Mikio Fuse (Japan), Laura Gibbs (UK), Yaeli Greenblatt (Israel), Robbert Jan Henkes (Holland), Vikki Mahaffey (USA), Dipanjan Maitra (USA), Stephanie Nelson (USA), Gabriel Renggli (Switzerland), Alan Shockley (USA), Sam Slote (Ireland), Kumiko Yamada (Japan). August 2018: Joycean Animals: “this our funnaminal world” in memoriam Clive Hart and Rosa Maria Bosinelli co-chaired by Michelle Witen and Fritz Senn This workshop convened scholars to discuss animals in all possible aspects — from fleas to behemoth, from “worms” in “The Sisters” to “gulls” in FW, from beast to beastly. Attendees included Peter Adkins (UK), Tim Conley (Canada), Sophie Corser (UK), Flavie Epié (France), Tiffany Fajardo (USA), Annalisa Federici (Italy), Yaeli Greenblatt (Israel), He Huang (China),  Lara Jese (Slovenia), Maria Kager (Holland), Mikaela Kelley (USA), Stephanie Nelson (USA), Kate O’Donovan (UK), Christine O’Neill (Ireland), Chitra Panikkar (India), Sameera Siddique (Singapore/Germany), Flicka Small (Ireland), Sara Spanghero (Germany/Italy), Jolanta Wawrzycka (USA), Michelle Witen (Canada/Switzerland). August 2017: Joycean Postscrapt This workshop focused on post in all its Joycean reverberations, from letters and postcards, telegrams, telephone to Shaun the Post and the letter in FW, etc. Attendees: Renata Del Rio Meints (Brazil), Shinjini Chattopadhyay (India), Jolanta Wawrzycka (USA), Alexander Ryan (UK), Jaya Savige (UK), Bill Brockman (USA), Marina G. Dobrovolskaya (Russia), Paul Devine (Holland), Halila Bayramova (Azerbaijan), Giovanna Vincenti (Italy), Stephanie Nelson (USA), Eishiro Ito (Japan), Jesse Meyers (USA), Yaeli Greenblatt (Israel), Erik-John Fuhrer (USA), Tamar Gelashvili (Georgia), Michael Groden (Canada), Annalisa Federici (Italy), Tim Conley (Canada), Dan Schiff (USA). August 2016: Genetics (from Genesis to Revelations) Attendees: Tim Conley (Canada), Ronan Crowley (Ireland), Genevieve Sartor (Canada), Stefano Rosignoli (Italy), Daniel Ferrer (France), Sangam Macduff (Switzerland), Stephanie Nelson (USA), Barry Spence (USA), Bill Brockman (USA), Jean Elyse Graham (USA), Tamar Gelashvili (Georgia), Clare Hutton (UK), Alyssa Krueger (USA), Shinjini Chattopadhyay (India), Jamileh Talebizadeh (France), Veronika Kóvacs (Switzerland). August 2015: Time “Touring the No Timelike Absolent” Attendees: Rosa Maria Bosinelli Bollettieri (Italy), Bill Brockman (USA), Ruben Borg, Veronika Kovács (Switzerland), Tekla Mecsnober (Netherlands), Amanda Sigler (USA), Tim Conley (Canada), Stephanie Nelson (USA), Annalisa Volpone (Italy), Jolanta Wawrzycka (USA), Coilin Owens (USA), Christine O’Neill (Ireland), Sabrian Alonso (Switzerland), Erika Mihálycsa (Romania), Anne Fogarty (Ireland), Teresa Prudente (Italy), Michelle Witen (Switzerland), Valérie Bénéjam (France), Federico Sabatini (Italy), Paul Fagan (Ireland/Austria), Halila Bayramova (Azerbaijan), Iva Dimovska (Macedonia), Maria Domenica Mangialavori (Itay), Clilve Hart (England), Elizabeth Bonapfel (USA). August 2014: Wandering Attendees: Rosa Maria Bosinelli Bollettieri (Italy), Mary Power (USA), Ashley Anthony (USA), Barry Spence (USA), Bill Brockman (USA), Marina Dobrovolskaya (Russia), Clive Hart (England), Jolanta Wawrzycka (USA), Dominik Wallerius (Germany), Alison Armstrong (USA), Ian Gunn (UK), Sameera Siddique (Singapore), Mina Djuric (Serbia), Frances Ilmberger (Switzerland), Jonathan McCreedy (Northern Ireland/Bulgaria), Victoria Lévêque (France), Mariana Lanari (Brazil), Izumi Iwashita (Japan). August 2013: Newspapers Attendees: Robert Baines (UK), Harald Beck (Germany), Stephanie Boland (UK), Rosa Maria Bosinelli (Italy), Bill Brockman (USA), Elisabetta d’Erme (Italy), Marina Dobrovolskaya (Russia), Catherine Flynn (USA), Judith Harrington (USA), Clive Hart (England), Terence Killeen (Ireland), Mia Lerm (Northern Ireland), Sam MacDuff (Switzerland), Tekla Mecsnober (Netherlands), Jesse Meyers (USA), Tamara Radak (Austria), Amanda Sigler (USA), Tom Simone (USA), David Spurr (Switzerland), David Vichnar (Czech Republic), Jolanta Wawrzycka (USA), Michelle Witen (Canada), Qingjun Wu (China), Ursula Zeller (Switzerland) August 2012: Lying: “Putting truth and untruth together” Attendees: Sabrina Alonso (Switzerland), Alison Armstrong (USA), Susan Bazargan (USA), Stephanie Boland (UK), Marina Dobrovolskaya (Russia), Clive Hart (England), John Harty (USA), Hansruedi Isler (Switzerland), Stephanie Nelson (USA), Mary Power (USA), Rie Shimokawa (Japan), David Spurr (Switzerland)

August 2011: Pierced butnot Punctured Attendees: Elizabeth Bonapfel (USA), Björn Quiring (Germany), John Paul Riquelme (USA), Bill Brockman (USA), Sam Slote (Ireland), Amanda Sigler (USA), Rebekah Frumkin (USA), Erika Mihálycsa (Romania), Jolanta Wawrzycka (USA), Rosa Maria Bosinelli (Italy), Tim Conley (Canada), Paul Fagan (Ireland), Teresa Prudente (Italy), Federico Sabatini (Italy), Annalisa Volpone (Italy), Tekla Mecsnober (Holland/Hungary), Chris Eagle (Australia).

August 2010: Nurturing Joyce Attendees: Sabrina Alonso (Switzerland), Stephen Bond (Ireland), Clive Hart (England), Valentina Janner (Switzerland), Yvonne Yi-Ping Lai (Taiwan), Jennifer Levin (USA), Rudy Katoch (England), Lisa Keienburg (Germany), Jesse Meyers (USA), Davjola Ndoia (Albania), Nick Morris (USA), Stephanie Nelson (USA), Amanda Sigler (USA), Elena Voj (Romainia).

May 2010: TransWork Attendees: Erik Bindervoet (Holland), Rosa Maria Bosinelli (Italy), Marianna Gula (Hungary), Robbert-Jan Henkes (Holland), Valentina Janner (Switzerland), András Kappanyos (Hungary), Veronika Kovács (Hungary), Leevi Lehto (Finland), Erika Mihálycsa (Romania), Friedhelm Rathjen (Germany), David Spurr (Switzerland), Enrico Terrinoni (Italy), Giovanna Vincente (Italy), Andreas Weigel (Austria), Ursula Zeller (Switzerland).

August 2009: Musicillogical Joyce in memoriam Jörg Drews (1938–2009) Attendees: Kuma Bärlocher (Switzerland), Daniel Ferrer (France), Keel Geheber (Ireland), Thomas Gurke (Germany), Clive Hart (England), Ron Hoffman (Holland), Alison Lacivita (Ireland), Chrissie Lees (England), Maria Mangialavori (Italy), Erika Mihálycsa (Romania), Vike Plock (England), Katherine O’Callaghan (Ireland), Stephanie Nelson (USA), Wim Van Mierlo (England), Amanda Sigler (USA), Sam Slote (Ireland), David Spurr (Switzerland), Michelle Witen (Canada)

August 2008: errears & errorieboose Attendees: Harald Beck (Germany), Teresa Caneda (Spain), Marco Camerani (Italy), Matthew Creasy (Scotland), Jörg Drews (Germany), Jibu George (India), Michiyo Goda (Japan), Thomas Gurke (Germany), Judith Harrington (USA), Clive Hart (England), Ron Hoffman (Holland), Liam Lanigan (Ireland), Ivana Milivoyevic (Serbia), Stephanie Nelson (USA), Amanda Sigler (USA), Sam Slote (Ireland), David Spurr (Switzerland), Jolanta Wawrzycka (USA), Christopher Whalen (Britain), Michelle Witen (Canada), Aida Yared (USA).

August 2007: Cruxes in Ulysses The participants of the Cruxes in Ulysses Workshop include the following: Scarlett Baron (England), Harald Beck (Germany), Gregory Downing (USA), Anne Fogarty (Ireland), Hans Walter Gabler (Germany), Clive Hart (England), John Gordon (USA), Judith Harrington (USA), Geert Lernout (Belgium), Robert Nicholson (Ireland), Gerry O’Flaherty (Ireland), Amanda Sigler (USA), Sam Slote (Ireland), John Smurthwaite (England), Masahiro Tsuji (Japan), David Vichnar (Czech Republic), & Aida Yared (USA).

August 2006: Cimematographic Joyce The participants of the Cimematographic Joyce Workshop include the following: Scarlett Baron (England), Marco Camerani (Italy), Jörg Drews (Germany), Heyward Ehrlich (USA), Marianna Gula (Hungary), Christiane Heuwinkel (Germany), Arleen Ionescu (Romania), Jesse McNight (USA), Stephanie Nelson (USA), John Paul Riquelme (USA), and Jolanta Wawrzycka (USA).

August 2005: Polyoptical Cyclops After several thematic approaches our eyes once more turned to a single episode, Cyclops in Ulysses, as the focal centre. Naturally we looked at it from as many perspectives as possible: Irish Politics and History, Myth, Gigantism, Codes, Catalogues, Justice, Comedy, Homeric Echoes, Hiberno-English, Dogs, Blessing, Swearing & Cursing – all the Codology of the Business, including Post-Anythingism. The participants of the Polyoptical Cyclops Workshop include the following: Keri Ames (USA), Kuma Bärlocher (Switzerland), Hsiu Yuan Chen (Taiwan), Jörg Drews (Germany), Gregory Downing (USA), Marianna Gula (Hungary), Hansruedi Isler (Switzerland), Stephanie Nelson (USA), Paul O’Hanrahan (Ireland), Morgan Russel (USA), Catrin Siedenbiedel (Germany), Jack van der Weide (Netherlands), and Jolanta Wawrzycka (USA).

August 2004: Joycean Naming The participants of the Joycean Naming Workshop include the following: Keri Ames (USA), Daniel (Kuma) Baerlocher (Switzerland), John Bishop (USA), Sarah Crangle (Canada), Gregory Downing (USA), Ruth Frehner (Switzerland), Hansruedi Isler (Switzerland), Francis Haran (Norway/Australia), Davina Rodgers (Switzerland), Johanna Schwarz (Germany), Diana Stefanova (Bulgaria), Conor Wyer (Ireland), & Yuko Mega (Japan).

August 2003: Material Joyce The participants of the Material Joyce Workshop include the following: Keri Ames (USA), Harald Beck (Germany), Luca Crispi (USA/Ireland), Paul Devine (Holland), Jörg Drews (Germany), Heyward Ehrlich (USA), Catherine Fahy (Ireland), Ruth Frehner (Switzerland), Ema Guler (France), Clive Hart (England), Stacey Herbert (USA/Ireland), Hansruedi Isler (Switzerland), Terence Killeen (Ireland), Margareta Lund (Sweden), Yuko Mega (Japan), Tekla Mecsnober (Hungary), Michael O’Shea (USA), Asaph Talmi (Israel), Wolfgang Streit (Germany), & Laura Weldon (USA/Ireland).

August 2002: Alienation & its Discontent The participants of the Alienation & its Discontent Workshop include the following: Kasia Bazarnik (Poland), Jared Greene (USA), Judith Harrington (USA), Silke Tanja Rampe (Germany), Kerstin Stranz (Germany), Gulshan Taneja (India), Jolanta Wawrzycka (USA), Nancy Pedri (Switzerland) , Greg Downing (USA), Marianna Gula (Hungary), Ron Hoffman (Netherlands), Paul O’Hanrahan (Ireland), Christian Jauslin (Switzerland), & Hansruedi Isler (Switzerland).

August 2001: Performative Joyce The workshop focused on all sorts of performance, but mainly theatrical ones. The Irish actor Paul O’Hanrahan, Dublin, was available for recitals and also contributed a presentation on the subject. The participants came from many countries and three continents: John Gordon, USA (“Performative Epiphanies”), Hansruedi Isler, Switzerland (“Names by Performance”), Jamileh Talebizadeh, France/Iran (“Joyce through Valère Novarina”), Greg Downing, USA (“Styles as Performance in Oxen”), Anne Fogarty, Ireland (“Reinventing the Stage Irishman”), Diego Fasciati, Switzerland (“In-verse Metempsychosis”), Marianna Gula, Hungary (“Staging Patriotism in Cyclops”), Ron Hoffman, Netherlands (“Theatrical Frames”), Eva Gyurova, Bulgaria (“Chekhov and ‘Eveline'”), Hsiao Yen-Yen, Taiwan (“Performing Femininity”), Christian Jauslin, Switzerland (“Producing ALP”), Eishiro Ito, Japan (“Odysseus as a Jewish Freemason”), Charito Pizarro, Philippines (“The ‘Sonata’ Ulysses”), & Ruth Frehner & Ursula Zeller, Zürich James Joyce Foundation (“Visual Performances”).

Paul O’Hanrahan also staged a performance with audience participation. Pictures of the workshop should be on Eishiro Ito’s web site: (click “Joycean Summer 2001” , Zurich Workshop is on page 2; Zurich/Joyce page is on page 3; other Zurich pics are on page 4).

August 2000: Dynamics of Expectation Cattrin Siedenbiedel (who finished her dissertation on “Metafictionality” in FW), Jörg Drews (Germany), Manuela Heinzel (Germany), Colleen Jaurretche (USA), John Bishop (USA), Gregory Downing (USA), Marianna Gula (Hungary), Conor Wyer (Ireland), Arleen Ionescu (Romania), Hansruedi Isler and the local crew discussed various aspects of expectation, hope, anticipation in and around Joyce. Topics were Theoretical Frames; Vico, Prayer, etc; Dixon in Portrait and Oxen; Futurity; Cyclops; Nausicaan Voyeurism; Telemachus; Expectations around Molly (or Syntax); Black Holes, as well as “Placebo Effects.”

Gregory Downing has written an appreciative report on the 1999 workshop on Annotation and the Foundation in general (JJQ, Vol. 2, No 2, Winter 1999, p.20-9). According to Downing, “anyone interested in Joyce who fails to take advantage of the Zurich Joyce Foundation is nuts.”

August 1999: Annotation Integrated in Michael Groden’s “Ulysses in Hypermedia”. Susan Bazargan, Harald Beck, Robert Bell, Edward Bishop, Gregory Downing, Nick Fargnoli, Michael Groden, Marianna Gula, Hansruedi Isler, Joan Murray, Friedhelm Rathjen, John Rickard, Jamileh Talebizadeh, Olga Fernandez. Vincente, Ian Kennedy White.

August 1997: Chance/Coincidence An opportunity to discuss Chance, Design, Accident, Randomness, Fate, etc. Katarzyna Bazarnik, John Bishop, Ron Ewart, Carla Marengo, Richard Stack, Susan Bazargan, Judith Harrington, Colleen Jaurretche, Tim and Christine O’Neill, Michael O’Shea, Friedhelm Rathjen, Anke Schuckmann, Réka Gáborjáni Szabó, Frances Ilmberger, among others, took the chance.

August 1995: Homer Behind Joyce Behind Homer This workshop went beyond the old question of Homeric relevance in Joyce, seeing it rather as two-way traffic. With Katharina Hagena, Kathleen Hancock, Margaret M. Harper, Ron Hoffman, Robert Janusko, Mary Power, Friedhelm Rathjen, Joseph R. Schork, Jolanta Wawrzycka, Eleonora Zoratti.

Ulrich Schneider, a regular participant in the workshop and a truly great friend of the Foundation, died on 1 December 1995.

August 1994: Joyce’s Multiple Memories John Bishop, Ulrich Blumenbach, Marlena Corcoran, Vincent Deane, Jin Di, Jörg Drews, Katharina Hagena, Robert Janusko, Adam Piette, John S. Rickard, Ulrich Schneider, Jolanta Wawrzycka, Wolfgang Wicht.

August 1993: Repetition/Negation This event ranged from the philosophical to the practical, as did most other workshops. Contributors included Morris Beja, Christine van Boheemen, Christy Burns, Antonia Fritz, Sabine Habermalz, Yasmin Haq, Ron Hoffman, Robert Janusko, Ellen Carol Jones, Udaya Kumar, Susan Rodstein, Dan Schiff and Ulrich Schneider, Jolanta Wawrzycka.

August 1992: Dreaming The act of dreaming and its literary ripples (oneirography) afforded multiple approaches, offered by John Bishop, Lucia Boldrini, Suzanne Buchan, Marie Dominique Garnier, Hansruedi Isler, Laurent Milesi, Chitra Panikkar, Andrew Treip, Jolanta Wawrzycka, Joelle Zois.

August 1991: Documentary InSights The ongoing Foundation project, an overview and, if possible, collection of documentary background, in particular concrete objects, manifested itself in this week’s activities. The governing spirit was Kathleen Rabl, who was able to gather a lot of information and material. Special guest was Andrée Sheehy-Skeffington, with memories of Dublin and university days. John Bishop, Onno Kosters, Christine and Tim O’Neill, Mary Power, Andrew Treip and others took part.

August 1990: “Eumaeus” For once a chapter of Ulysses was the focus. Participants: Sonia Basic, Susan Bazargan, Jörg Drews, Antonia Fritz, Sabine Habermalz, Robert Janusko, Jennifer Levine, Christine O’Neill, Michael O’Shea, Mary Power, Chitra Panikkar, Jean-Michel Rabaté, Katie Wales, Wolfgang Wicht.

August 1989: Kitsch as Joyce Can To scan Joyce’s works for traces of kitsch was probably a novelty. A soirée chez Dorothea Isler, following a boat trip on the Lake of Zurich, added musical samples. Teresa Mitchell from Dublin gave some spectacular readings on stage. It was also an occasion to introduce the incomparable Amanda Ros to Joyce scholars. Participants: Harald Beck, H.W. Gabler, Hansruedi Isler, Frank Kearful, Claus Melchior, Georges Sandulescu, Ulrich Schneider. A break on Wednesday afternoon with the boat trip on the Lake and an open air meal at Dorothea Isler’s prealpine home (with swimming pool) has become a workshop fixture.

August 1988: Synaesthesia Issues of multiple perception and its verbalization. Participants: Marlena Corcoran, Vincent Deane, Jörg Drews, Hansruedi Isler, Terence Killeen, Mary Power, Georges Sandulescu, Ulrich Schneider, Petr Skrabanek.

August 1987: Songs in Joyce’s Works The workshop included an evening with performances by Donna Janusko and Irene Wymann. Participants were Alison Armstrong, Ruth Bauerle, Harald Beck, Bernard Benstock, Shari Benstock, Marlena Corcoran, Vincent Deane, Jörg Drews, Robert Janusko, Claus Melchior, Charles Peake, Kathleen Rabl, Ulrich Schneider. 

Charles Peake, who had contributed so much to the first three workshops, died suddenly in early 1988. The succeeding workshops were dedicated to him, and later on also to Bernard Benstock (1930 – 1994).

August 1986: I, 6 of Finnegans Wake The 12 questions and answers in the Wake. Participants: Harald Beck, Richard Brown, Vincent Deane, Jörg Drews, Georgia Herlt, Claude Jacquet, Charles Peake, Katie Wales.

August 1985: “Oxen of the Sun” The least assimilated episode of Ulysses was subjected to collective scrutiny. Participants included Harald Beck, Andrew Gibson, Walter Hettche, Claude Jacquet, Robert J. Janusko, Carla Marengo, Claus Melchior, Charles Peake, Georges Sandulescu, Ulrich Schneider, Katie Wales, and others.

Extracurricular Workshops


Apart from the annual events, the Foundation has opened its facilities to workshops that were initiated by others, usually scholars in residence. Theoretically they can take place almost any time, provided enough knowledgeable scholars/readers can be assembled for a few days in Zurich.

2017: Re-Trans-Work: A workshop devoted to specific Joycean Translation Issues

Erika Mihálycsa and Jolanta Wawrzycka brought the following Joyce scholars and (re)translators together to discuss a number of issues related to re-creating Joyce’s texts in (and for) the 21st century: Flavie Epié, Ruth Frehner, Rareș Moldovan, Ashraf Noor, Fritz Senn, Veronika Studer-Kovács, Ursula Zeller

1993: The Maternal in Joyce Leslie McDowell carried the torch and lit up a weekend on the maternal. The setting was again international: Marilyn Reizbaum (in the chair), Elizabeth Brunazzi, Frances Ilmberger, Marie Dominique Garnier, Katharina Hagena, Nancy Derboven, Carol Shloss, Ginette Verstraete, Andrew Treip, Dan Schiff. One remote and circuitous outcome of this meeting is a volume of essays on Ulysses, En-Gendered Perspectives, edited by Kim Devlin and Marilyn Reizbaum.

1992: Pascal Wake: “Teems of Times” Andrew Treip masterminded a special Easter weekend session on temporal aspects of Finnegans Wake. He enlisted Vincent Deane, Geert Lernout, Wim Van Mierlo, Ulrich Schneider, Ron Ewart, Laurant Milesi. Leslie McDowell, Jacques Mailhos and some local talent. Finnegans Wake “teems of times”, ed. by Andrew Treip, Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1994 (European Joyce Studies vol. 4) came out of this workshop.

1992: John Millington Synge In October 1992 the only non-Joyce workshop held so far was devoted to Synge, organized by Paul and Sylvia Botheroyd and Ulrich Schneider. The guests were James Knapp, Toni O’Brien Johnson, Ron Ewart, Weldon Thornton, Lis Pihl, and Vincent C. Nash.

1988: Dubliners: Narrative Dynamics Marlena Corcoran convened scholars to discuss Joyce’s Dubliners; the sessions were chaired by the faculty of the Department of English of Zurich University. The Colloquium included Birgit Bramsbäk, Marius Buning, Peter De Voogd, Tomaso Kemeny, Elsa Linguanti, Claus Melchior, Mary Power, Ulrich Schneider, Therese Seidel, Katie Wales. Some of the presentations found their way, much later, into New Perspectives on Dubliners, ed. by Mary Power and Ulrich Schneider, Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1997 (European Joyce Studies vol. 7).