The Friends of the Zürich James Joyce Foundation



The Friends were established in 1987 to support the Zurich James Joyce Foundation morally as well as financially through the members’ annual subscriptions. The members are regularly informed of all activities, book donations and acquisitions, and are invited to the Foundation’s events.

Fritz Senn conducts two Ulysses and two Finnegans Wake reading groups per week. For the last 30 years, the Friends have supported these events financially so that they remain free for everyone.

The Friends’ Lecture Series


The Friends established and support the Zurich James Joyce Lectures, lectures at the Zurich James Joyce Foundation by Joyce researchers.

Dublin Pilgrimages


If enough participants can be enlisted, the Friends go on a so-called Dublin Pilgrimage, usually over a weekend in spring, featuring a visit to the Joyce Tower in Sandycove, a Ulysses walk through town, James Joyce Cultural Centre, etc. In its time, the trip has touched on Clongowes Wood, Belvedere College, Guinness Brewery, The Dublin Metropolitan Police Museum, the sources of the Liffey, Glendalough and various museums. In 1994, a similar journey took some of the Friends to Trieste. For further information about pilgrimages please contact us: Tel. (+41) 44 211 83 01; email

The Friends of the Zürich James Joyce  Foundation Scholarships


The Friends of the Zurich James Joyce Foundation invite young scholars engaged in advanced project to spend about two months at the Foundation. For more information about our scholarships, please click here..



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For further information about joining the Friends of the Zurich James Joyce Foundation:  Tel. (+41) 44 211 83 01; email



Individuals (Switzerland): CHF 150
Couples (Switzerland): CHF 200
Students: CHF 40
Individuals (abroad): CHF 100
Couples (abroad): CHF 150



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