New Books and Documents
donated by Aida Yared to the Zürich James Joyce Foundation

Serendipitous result of the Workshop Cruxes in Ulysses

November 2007

3 issues of The “Halfpenny Marvel” (nos 81, 82 and 84)


Reade, A. Ruby: Or, How Girls are Trained for a Circus Life, Founded on Fact. London, Trischler and Company, 1890.
2nd, revised edition without frontispiece.
(4.346ff). [Mary Power, JJQ 18.2, 115-21]
Tit-Bits. London, Tit-Bits Offices, 1890.
The Police Gazette. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1972.
+ an orginal issue (1882, Vol. 39, No. 235)
Molloy, J. L., “Love’s Old Sweet Song.” Sheet music. London, Boosey & Co Ltd, n.d.
The Shamrock (22 June 1885; Vol. 32, no 1,498). with ‘an Irish historical romance’ entitled “Hugh O’Neill, or, The Red Hand of Ulster”
(U 12.1211)

Bloom’s Library:

anon. The Child’s Guide to Knowledge. London, Simpkin, Marshall, 1861.
possibly from Bloom’s Library (Title); the catechism format fits Ithaca.

Pardies, F. I. G. Short, but yet Plain Elements of Geometry. London, R. Knaplock and D. Midwinter, 1725.
the edition from in Bloom’s library dates from 1711. Same dedicatory epiftle.


a photograph, (35.5 x 25 cm) of The Princess of Wales, mounted on original cardboard of Lafayette of Dublin.
(14.1221, 16.1433, 17.1778, most likely a smaller format)
glazed pottery jar The Arecanut toothpaste prepared only by Commans Bath
brown glass jar Bovril (U 14.1547)
contemporary postcards & photocopies of maps of Dublin

Finnegans Wake

Rowntree, B. S. Poverty – A Study of Town Life. London, Edinburgh, Dublin, New York, Thomas Nelson & Sons, n.d.
Holland, E. Mohammed. New York, Frederick A. Stokes 1914.
FW source (including the “cubehouse”)
Buffalo Notebook VI.B 45.103ff / FW 5.13-29 and 310.22-311.1.
Full article by Aida Yared in Genetic Joyce Studies
Crépieux-Jamin, J. Les éléments de l’écriture des canailles. Paris, Ernest Flammarion, 1923.
Joyce must have used this ed. [<>]


1 small glass jar Harlene for the Hair
1 cake of soap Cuticura Soap
164.29-32, 239.27-29)

Annotations by Aida Yared.